1. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    Homebrew channel?
  2. StarcraftLedZeppelin

    There's a crude video of it, I use it to load a ton of emulators and other shit. I even installed the internet channel through it for free, it's a bad ass thing for every Wii user.
  3. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    Don't you need one of them SD cards in order for that shit to work?
  4. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    Yeah, I have a 2 gig sd card, I've even gotten my Wii to play DVD's via a simple firmware update using the homebrew channel. I really do enjoy the homebrew channel and all that it offers.
  5. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    That sucks (needing the SD card).
  6. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    The homebrew channel has a computer emulator that I've installed. I'm going to try and install Starcraft ,Diablo and DiabloII to see if it plays on the Wii. I hope one of them works.
  7. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    What games can't you download on it?
  8. StarcraftLedZeppelin
  9. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    Well it's not released in America yet, so it's gonna be expensive. But it's sad that they got rid of the GBA slot.
  10. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    The camera is .3 MP, what a joke. I'm glad they have a SD slot now though, homebrew should be simple with it.
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