I'm With Ya

  1. SlyTownSk8r
    Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for allowing me into this group. ( yes, I realize it's an open group, just sayin' )

    I'm the Co-Owner of a small skateboard label in central Alabama called SMARBAD Skateboards. The wife and I have been putting our wood under skaters in AL, GA, MS, and Florida for almost 5 years now. Relax, I'm not on here to spam my brand or nothing. I'm a skater myself, and thought this to be a good place to learn more about what skaters from outside my area are into. I hope to be active at least 3 to 4 days a week, if not every day. ( A fella's gotta hit da spots )

    Can't wait to get into some discussions with you guys.
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