How old where you when you smoked marijuana for the first time?

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  1. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    I don't remember my age, but I was still in elementary school. For some reason I want to say 9 but I'm not sure.
  2. SLC
    12 years old right here, im almost 22 now. Haven't been doing it the whole time though. Took a couple years and went sXe in high school due to personal issues going on at the time. Glad im not anymore.... lol.
  3. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    I didn't pick up smoking heavy until I was 14.
  4. ssonsk
    lol started when i was 15 and man that was a crazy night
  5. excess
    I was like 13, my eyes where red as Hell...
  6. SkaSkate
    13 or late 12, with some b-ball guys, it was just one toke, but damn was it a good one...

    20 and not planning on quitting...ever.
  7. EnjoiCHOCOLATEkrux
    i was in seventh grade hanging with some friends playing video games
  8. jmskater420
    i was 14 and my parents werent home so my friends came over and we blazed out of an apple
  9. BradK
    I started buying when I was like 15 but I tried it when I was maybe 13 or so? Good choice to start though.
  10. Fudopi
    I first tried it in 8th grade... started smoking a lot the summer after 8th grade.
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