Winter weight lifting goals

  1. Snake
    So I've been slacking pretty hard since I got into college weight lifting wise, I've dropped like 15 pounds, but most of that is fat and I still have alot of muscle. My one rep maxs are all still good, but about 20 pounds less than they were, probably 75 off for squat.

    I messed up my back pretty good about a year ago squatting a herniated disk, fucked me up for 2 months, then I did the special forces workout, lost about 10 pounds, gained a fuck ton of endurance but lost some strength, then I went on a strength binge for about 3 months, got my bench up to 325, dead up to 425, etc..

    That was around July, since then I've been pretty slack. I've only worked out 2 or 3 times a week, often less that..

    and that brings me to now
  2. Snake
    I was talking to my friend today and we're both so fucking tired of the tdmfs in the gym doing nothing but curls and cable pulls and we've decided to show them how real men work out. We're going on a strength binge until spring. I hope to get my bench up to 330, possibly 340. I would like to get my dead up to 475-500. Over head press up to 245-250. Squats I don't really care, just gonna work on explosive strength with lighter weight for them. Gonna work on my power cleans as well, cause they've always been my weakest link.

    So, this should be fun. Just went to the gym tonight, got an hour workout in. Probably gonna go Mon-fri, gonna focus on low reps, explosive strength, and functional strength as opposed to Looks or any of that other pussy shit.

    I'm already big enough, I don't won't to looks like a bloated idiot muscle head. I just want to get a little broader and stronger. Hence the focus on low reps, I'm looking for power and strength, not size gains.
  3. Snake
    Anyone want to join in then that would be cool. I did this same shit last winter and got awesome gains. It's hard, but when spring roles around and your beasting manly weight while your homies are still doing pussy curls then it'll be worth it.

    Anyone want a routine and I'll give em one.

    Anyone want to ask a question feel free
  4. njsk8ter
    how do you do squats with it it hurting your neck? because whenever i do them they hurt the bottom of my neck.
  5. Snake
    I do them with proper form..They really shouldn't be hurting your neck or anything for that matter. When if first started a long time ago I remember them being a little tough on my neck, but that was probably just cause my skin wasn't used to the bar and bad form.

    read up on how to do them right
  6. njsk8ter
    O when i did them i kind of rested the bar on my shoulders nd lower neck instead of on my back. Thanks
  7. king
    i've been slacking hard lately too, i recently started suffering from bad acid reflux and its been really getting in the way with being able to workout, and even when i can start working out again i dont know how im going to diet properly cause for my body type i need to be eating mass amounts of food... something i can't do at the moment
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