Least Favoite Anime

  1. (Valo Falcone)
    (Valo Falcone)
    Not all of them are good here we post ones that are just well terrible!

    xxHolic, I bought 2 episodes off the PSN and my god I would rather rip my dick off, throw it in a river then to watch any more of that show.

    Romeo x Juliet, I only bought 1 episode but I don't think Im going to waste money on it. I'll just get them off the internet for free to see if I like it, if I do then I'll support the series.

    His and Her Circumstance, sorta like School Rumble but not funny and just plain terrible. Only xxHolic and Boogiepop Phantom are worse.

    Heroic Age, well after 1 ep watched its not for me

    Glass Fleet, gay words can't describe it

    Boogiepop Phantom, or as I call it Boogieshit Phantom it just makes no sense. If you can stomach watching 2 eps then your hardcore and if you like it then even Chuck Norris is scared of you.
  2. ikilledyou
    the kind tht i dont like are those stupid twisted fuck up ones that make no sense like kashimashi or whtevr its called. a boy is abducted by aliens, turned into a girl, there are these two chicks that like him and are all ovr him now and hes a chick and his dad goes molesto on him n shit. its horrible. no story line that i can detedt what so ever.
  3. (Valo Falcone)
    (Valo Falcone)
    Ikilledyou, seems like that is the shit, Im going to have to check that out soon. Im going to look around the internet. Ive never heard anything like that.
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