favorite skater

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  1. Vampire_Prince
    Mullen for sheer seriously awesome tek style and chris haslam for sheer funny cool-ness combined with super skillage!!
  2. hecktor426
    amen brotha
    well that is a tough question. but personally i would have to say bonnie blair. she is greatest speed skater there is and i think she is the bomb!

    i see her at the rink sometimes.
  4. midwestskater420
    i dont have a number one fav. skater but most of the ones i like are goofy.rodney mullen, chris cole, jamie thomas, mike v, rob dyrdek, chris haslam, daewon, chad muska, chris troy, erik koston, westgate are just a few of the ones that a enjoy watching skate
  5. minirampchamp95
    Billy Marks cause he is good
  6. LoyalPawn
    mine are billy marks, josh harmony and johnny layton cuz they rip and skate for toy machine
  7. Sk8king451
    Aaron suski. He has the style that I want so bad. Im very inspired by him.
  8. Jarred MC
    Jarred MC
    Rodney Mullen
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