favorite skater

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  1. skater4life24/7
    who is your favorite skater and why.
  2. hecktor426
    I would say rodney mullen cuz hes good at what he does. I skate the same style as he does
  3. mullenfan
    suprisingly chris haslam because he is awesome and he rides goofy too
  4. hecktor426
    Yea i'll agree with you on that one he is pretty amazing how he changes from one grind to another
  5. alienworkshopper
    mines ryan sheckler beacuase hes an inspiration... sponsored when he was nine yrs old...
    won xgames when he was 13.
  6. hecktor426
    I could care less about him
  7. BillabongSkater
    ewww...... ryan sheckler's gay. My fav skater is Vanessa Torress for 2 reasons.
    1. her sex
    2. shes good.
  8. hecktor426
    Nice one
  9. pattdebaker
    rodney mullen is my favourite skater
  10. hecktor426
    hell yes!!!!
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