what is your best move

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  1. skater4life24/7
    what is your best move.
  2. hecktor426
    my best is fs 180 ollie north
  3. alienworkshopper
    kickflip.... so far.......
  4. BillabongSkater
    grinds and a few flips nothing special
  5. hecktor426
  6. Vampire_Prince
    im a ramp skater mostly so:
    on ramp - fakie 5-0 half cab
    on flat - to rail, flip to primo, reversed flip out

    yeah, im mostly free-style when it comes to flat... lol
  7. midwestskater420
    flip tricks are my specialty so i'd say my best is uh....... hardflip or quadflip. maybe a varial double kickflip.
  8. Son of a Gun
    Son of a Gun
    360 heelflip, claim to fame
  9. SkaterGeoff
    360 double flip....right now im working on 360 degree kickflips, i landed it like 4 times but i wouldn't consider it my best trick unless im able to land it frequently.
  10. Sk8king451
    Nollie Back 360 and Half cab flips almost every try.
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