Go Skate Day

  1. skater4life24/7
    What do you do on go skate day. Tell us what you do.
  2. hecktor426
    skate wit my homies and film
  3. alienworkshopper
    i go and show off in the city parts around here, lay down some tight grings, a few flips here and there... make everybody stare.... (hey i did not mean for that to ryme, seriously......
  4. hecktor426
    sounds pretty chill
  5. Vampire_Prince
    go where the crowds are, bust out the freestyle and then roll onto a ramp and learn something new.. if you dont learn a new trick every week, then its a week wasted
  6. Sk8king451
    Go to the skatepark and be with my homies and try something I wouldnt normally try. Its the most inspirational day of the year.
  7. prod1gy123
    go to the skate park and try flip tircks
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