Is There a Way

  1. Purple Skater
    Purple Skater
    To make this stuff unreadable unless you are in the group?
  2. readmyname
    I have no clue, If their is a way someone tell me asap
  3. Vlad the Conqueror
    Vlad the Conqueror
    probably not, these groups aren't really supposed to be top secret. WE NEED SECRECY DADGUMMIT!!!
  4. bubbleboy
    There is, I forgot how though, one group had it.
  5. iluvuhoneybunz
    i think the guru or elite group has it
  6. readmyname
    Is there a way to make other people moderaters of social groups?
  7. iluvuhoneybunz
    i have no idea
  8. Dr. Science
    Dr. Science
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