Where are you

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  1. Supra
    on the east coast?
  2. girismyhomie
    north new jersey, 15 minutes from new york.
  3. Viva_La_Fiesta
    Southern New Hampshire, about 30/45 minutes north of Boston.
  4. Ezio
    Monmouth NJ. :/ There's a park in long branch about 20 mins away from where I live that I go to pretty often. Message if you're a regular there. ^^
  5. ilovetonyhawk
    toms river, nj. its like in the middle on the coast
  6. Fallen.
    toms river new jersey
  7. NOT FUNNY :)
    NOT FUNNY :)
    Ooo I been to Toms river before I'm going there for a wedding in a little while but yeah I'm on cape cod.
  8. Georgito619
    i live in west orange nj doesnt have many spots here but were trying to get people to sign a petition for a skatepark here. hopefully by next year we will have enough signatures...
  9. globesb211
    Selinsgrove, 3 hours from Philly.
  10. Supra
    Long Island

    So much rain its annoying.
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