Old School games.

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  1. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    Here, you discuss your favorite old-school games (pre PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era).
  2. hecktor426
    its all about the first Halo...hahaha
  3. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
  4. hecktor426
    yea first Halo on the Xbox
  5. Skating Forever Even in Heaven
    Meaning Halo does not count. It consists of games that came out before the Playstation 2, Xbox, and GCN were even out. Or in other terms, if the game didn't come out before March 3rd, 2000, it has no placement on any list in this discussion. The latest console a game can be on in this thread is the Dreamcast.
  6. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    I played the fuck out of Super Smash bros on N64, that and golden eye and mario kart.
  7. hecktor426
    Oh fuck then 007 THPS Duke Nukem and of course turok!!!
  8. StarcraftLedZeppelin
    Any one ever beat smash t.v ?
  9. hecktor426
    No i never got into it
  10. (Valo Falcone)
    (Valo Falcone)
    All Shin Megami Tensei games along with Fatal Frame and Disgaea aren't nothing to fuck with.
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