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  1. lol knowing you that means the opposite but i only act like this in hopes of keeping sbc alive but i guest his site is on its way to hell haha new members dont stay for long and the cool old member just leave or lurk what happened to the good old days like 2015 games like mafia made everyone to interact with one another, roasting jokes and the rep system made everyone try their hardest to be cool WT i hope you understand if we dont revive this site its going to die and it has so much potential too. lol i guess the members that made this site got old and moved on in life i noticed even you are not as cool as you used to be. is the old WT gone forever i hope not. Anyway i just hope you admins do something about this and make sbc great again
  2. Your really cool d00d
  3. You are barking up the wrong tree
  4. lol
  5. You would have to make props magically come back into the scenario of Sb-c haha
  6. yo whitetrash what do i have to do to become a rook
  7. Yea man just making sure
  8. haha kidnapped by Americans was closer, I'm home now though so thanks dude
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