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  1. That sounds fun, and thanks man. Got a job interview in 10 minutes.
  2. Not too much really, brother came over from the Phillipines and he just left today. Got a judo tournament and sleepover today. Hope you feel better man.
  3. Not much, got away from hard drugs and have been struggling with depression, school and relationships. How bout you?
  4. You don't post often anymore. What's up?
  5. Thanks man. :)
  6. You haven't been posting much. Welcome back.
  7. Shmanks :^)
  8. Happy Birthday. :^)
  9. How stupid can you get, when would I ever say 10ss out.
  10. i never say 10ss out and I never pretend to be rev so obviously someones trying to impersonate me..
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