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  1. Cheers dude! Your like the wheel zen master!!!
  2. Yo man. The autobahn's are great weels. They're actually the fastest wheel that I've ever used, I'm guessing you got the 100a "Ultra" formula. If so, it's top notch. You'll be very happy with them. I switch wheels all the time and I'm currently on my 101a Spitfire F4's for my street board, Wreck are on the bowl/park board. Autobahns are a great mix of everything good
  3. hey bro, im wondering if you could please give me some wheel advice??? I sorta ordered some of the 100A autobahn nexus's, im aware you ridden autobahn before and I was wondering if you like autobahns or not??? I skate mostly street but a bowl every couple weeks or so. Cheers. Oh and how are you liking the wrecks are you still rocking them?? I cant find them here in aus.
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