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  1. Post footy, of you doing these tricks yyou know. We all know youre bs
  2. You stupid mother fuckers this is why i hate white people yall fucking suck shit pussy... I can mf heelflip hoe bitch... I gotta bro who posted that thread you stupid ass retard............... Do you really thing one person can USE a account you fucking idiot.. Go eat sum pussy
  3. At least I can heelflip you dumb-ass fucking piece of shit nigga, throwing your board in the forest and wanting to quit skating because you couldn't flip a heelflip faggot. And actually I do get my treflips clean sometimes, but keep talking you bitch ass piece of shit nigger.
  4. Wuss good you pussy ass nigga MY NIGGA CANT EVEN TRE FLIP CLEAN YOU SUCK BITCH
  5. Lol, you've still come up with nothing.
  6. Oh my god . Did you even read what I said? What method do you use? I mean i clean mine like this: 1. Pop the shields 2. Put them in a container full of wd-40 for 2 hours 3. take them out use compressed air to dry wipe the wd-40 off 4. lube them with speed cream 5. put the shields back on. I just finished doing this and it works well for me but I want to know how you guys clean yours?
  7. Go to hell nigga

    Hahahaha my nigga don't know how to clean bearings what a total BITCH!!!!!!
  8. Lol, you just deleted your old threads so I cannot use them against you.

  9. Your a fucking homo dude like fuck off fag. You and your skateing for fun bitchs
  10. lol Go fuck your self nigga... its takeng you 30 years to lose your virginity...
    Don't message me with some old shit...

    All you need to know is I'm THE BEST!!!!!!

    It should be: "Go fuck yourself nigger. Its taking you 30 years to lose your virginity.
    Do not message me with some 'old shit'.

    All you need to know is that I am the best!"

    Also I don't know what you're thinking. 1 year is not even close to being old. I wonder how young you are. Not only that, but you have the grammar of a 4th grader. I'm sorry sir, but my neurons have overpowered you.
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