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  1. Thank You, that helps! Im thinking im gonna have to get a 10.5 cause im an 11in Vans.
  2. Sorry, didn't have this thing figured out and accidentally deleted your message now I found it. I really couldn't tell you what the sizing is compared to Emericas I've never skated them. If this helps I wear a 8.5 in Vans and an 8 when it comes to Converse.
  3. Mike?
  4. I know you always skate Converse, and I'm looking at buying some Classic Grey Low Chucks, and I thought it would be appropriate to come to you for help.
    1. What is the sizing like compared to Emerica which seem to fit a half size down for a secure fit, and regular for a loose fit?
    2. Where could I find the for cheap? I was thinking about a Marshalls/Ross/TJMaxx, but if none of these retailers carry them, where else could I find them?
    Anyways, Thank you!
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