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  1. We can still try though with my current net, just might not work, add me on steam https ://steamcommunity .com /id/milomywhy

    links fucking break the website
  2. I'd def be down to play sometime. I just moved and our current internet is horrific but I'm looking to get something actually usable real soon here. It takes literally one minute to download a 10mb file lmao.
  3. i got it on my ps4 but i can run it on my mac too we should play sometime
  4. I did play it for a while, it's pretty fun
  5. yo you ever play skullgirls
  6. i bought tekken on my brother's pc today, can confirm game definitely isn't dead on pc. we played it for hours and we were getting matched up with other people who barely had any games played (like they had apparently also just bought it). it was actually matching us up way faster than it does on ps4 too.
  7. I was out of town and couldnt watch live but I've gone back and watched quite a bit of matches that I wanted to. It was pretty sick
  8. yo did you watch any of the evo stream?
  9. yo i was just thinking about it, do you know if I'd be able to use a 3ds as a controller in dolphin? I have a usb cord for it. if i'll just try a ps4 controller. let's play smash later.
  10. It is easy to setup, down whenever
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