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  1. lol I honestly thought you won, I didn't realise I was 2200, not 2100. Better luck next year m9
  2. Fuck you, I had this win. I was so close. I was going to become champion. Yet you take my glory away from me. This isn't over Aussie boy.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Congrats on Guru.
  5. oh it got changed
  6. wut
  7. You spelled your team name wrong. It's 350 Goonsacks. You spelled it as 350 Goonsakcs.
  8. milo is love milo is life milo is communism
  9. Oh right, I thought it was just a Hawaiian thing
  10. On some days I take 3 classes. On some other days I only take one class. So school is only 1 hour. Why? It's cause I'm somewhat ahead because I took the courses in advance.
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