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  1. i see you on you never replied to that thread you made in mod chat
  2. Build was about 4 months i think... Can't remember.
    Fund raising was about 4 years!
  3. How long did that park take the community to build?
  4. No worries, where've you moved them, OO or Staff forum?
  5. Since you literally just posted, figured I would stop by and mention I am conducting a public experiment on General Off Topic.

    Any of the changes I have done are not permanent, as I have not deleted a single thread. Merely relocated them, I was curious to see how many people still come to GoT and what the reaction was.

    Was not alone in the planning of this, but I'll claim the trouble that follow.
  6. any way mods can get rights to delete accounts?

    I see spam bots continue to log in and attempt to create threads over a week after getting banned.

    ps just banned 5 spambots tonight, maybe change question again.
  7. These are recently created accounts I believe.

    Do we have some sort of automatic defense for this site that bans during registration?

    Check currently active members list, order it by latest activity and you can see numerous bots attempting to make threads or even register but I see 70% of them banned in some form. Wasn't sure what was going on.
  8. Not me, although when i perma i delete all their posts as well so there are quite a lot of banned bots with 0 posts.
  9. I noticed maybe a potential 6 or so spam bots banned before 1 post, you do that within the last 40 minutes?

    I didn't see any one else on.
  10. Ah I see, well only person to fall victim to the perma ban was Nikola, so maybe if you want you can reverse his perma.
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