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  1. Did i not change that in the end? I honestly don't remember.
    I don't mind changing it if you all want it.
  2. green name for guru instead of purple, but I gave 527 props so far so I feel it's earned.
  3. You noticed that much quicker than i expected! What was forcing my arm all about?
  4. pink custom status, sick brah unique 1 of a kind.
  5. Sigh... And we wonder why this site is dying.
  6. that's a pretty profile picture you have, rucci approve of it?
  7. About half of those who were at the time.
    I removed about 5 of them after they said they weren't bothered.
    Most of the others who replied said to leave it as they might write something one day... Pigs might fly.
  8. who actually replied to your request on who wants to be a content writer?
  9. slut reply to the thread again do you ever check your subscribed threads?

    If you havent been on this site in days then I take this all back, I haven't either but it's been 5 days since I posted in there and I demand satisfaction.
  10. I was at work from 7:30AM till 9:45PM yesterday, i'm a bit busy right now!!
    Will check shortly.
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