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  1. hey girl
  2. oh hey you're logged in
  3. Can you bring back rep and props?
  4. Hey woman, when will we get props back??????
  5. I've still got plenty i need to get rid of. Postage for me to the States is a bit of a killer, but i'm up for sending some out to people...
  6. Do you think there is any way we can move some sbc stickers or something, I see the photo submission section is slowed down so I was thinking something could be worked out.
  7. I am seeing skimword ads on this website, it's happened before and only on this site where something hyperlinks from random words on here.

    Is there something up?
  8. Have you seen some of the feedback in the old layout change thread? There's been problems with this current lay out ever since it was released.
  9. reset rep

    by the way nice job keeping front page updated with something, just need more comments on them.
  10. Strange... he's sent me loads of PM's bitching about it.
    Oh well, from now on i shall ignore it and hope he goes away.
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