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  1. I don't do much high-impact skating (drops, stairsets, etc.) but from what I have done, it's not horrible. A new insole would probably benefit the shoe.
  2. I agree with the heel thing, they sent me the wrong size and I realized after I just got onto pushing. The sole. even though its not very deep or treaded, I agree it does have nice grip. How are you on impact protection?
  3. Super stiff at first. Weird blister on the side of my ankle, going away after they're worn in. Wasn't keen on the sole, but it's super grippy. I have the canvas ones and they already ripped on the first layer, but the ollie cap is nice.
  4. I'm skating in them now but I'd like to see what you think.
  5. Are you still interested in hearing about the Huf Classics and how they skate?
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