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  1. I might take a trip there after graduation (which technically I already did graduate but w/e.) just to skate and nothing else.
  2. im pretty much convinced i could navigate new york by myself and find the famous spots just from watching skate videos. grimmx12 on youtube has some rad NY vids
  3. Let's skate NYC.
  4. Kadow got wrecked.
  5. Yo thats sick, strangers is up on YouTube now kadows bail on the rail was brutal
  6. Full lengths are slipping my mind, but I know Paych, Bill Strobecks stuff, JuicyElbows does a lot of NY stuff, lurknyc, uh. Trying to think.

    Yeah, I'm trying to take so many photos, I got a new camera and a bunch of film, so I'm stoked.

    I'd love to get footage, but there's not really anywhere I can go to skate, besides a crappy indoor, and a better indoor 2 hours away.
  7. This kid I know did it a while back so itll look something like this although i cant bs 5050 at all so itll be interesting


    damn sounds like a solid trip! speaking of NY do you know any decent full length vids on youtube i could watch? since i broke my pc ive just been watching full lengths on my ps4, watched alot of bronze56k stuff and im stoked. make sure to take a fuckload of pictures if you go.

    trying to get as much footage as i can this year, a week into 2015 and my legs are dead already haha
  8. You've got that.

    And I feel you, I have 3 subjects the rest of the year and I'm done, so I'm kinda cruising through school at the moment.

    Might be going to New York/DC/Florida when I graduate, pretty stoked on that, since last time I checked it was just Florida.

    Definitely keep me posted on the footage, I dig your style, and it's refreshing to see non pros that I enjoy watching.
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