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  1. I've known he was like this before all this. He's one of those people on /pol/ that actually saw getting trump elected as some superior victory against liberal snowflakes. It's easy to dismiss climate change when you live in the desert or nowhere showing signs of change from it like he does. Also if I recall he couldn't find a job with his degree out of school so I think he just is that ideal candidate that sits reading these propaganda sites daily.
  2. Yea man, its kind of weird. These people wanted to win so much that they block out anything that makes their dude looks bad. It's mornic and childish, but that's where we're at now apparently.
  3. Just gonna say, you're on point against cheese wigger. Can't understand how these people don't see how big a deal this is
  4. Try again
  5. Bruh you need to like go to a library or something and delete your entire inbox.
  6. Yeah, that doesn't solve the mods ability to snoop but it can't be perfect lol. I'm just salty cause my intel is gone and now innocents will die until we find who it is, and I'm probably dead soon and the wheels may fall off.
  7. Next game we can just say that mentioning seeing someone pMing results in a death by cloaked figures.
  8. yeah obviously it failed but I knew as soon as you saw that we were fucked, the detective wouldn't get in touch with me but we could've saved him cause I knew you realized what was going on. Props though, y'all almost had the whole world against me yesterday.
  9. Nice job trying to cover for white trash. The pm thing is bullshit btw, should find a way to deal with that in later games.
  10. Should be good
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