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  1. :DD it's a strong alcoholic beverage which is made here in serbia.Rakija is to Serbia what sake is to Japan.
    I could ship you a home made one made of grapes,but that will cost you :D
  2. Also he keep asking for "rakija" what is this and how do I acquire?
  3. Dude could be a lot of different reasons.If you just acquired him for your home,it might be him just still adjusting to the new territory and being scared.

    If not then he's/she's just a dick
  4. Why is it that my serb bitten me when i pet him????
  5. damn internet was lagging as shit man.
  6. know gravette man just didn't see that footage before.I though straight away about david when i saw it.My instinct was right :)
  7. david gravete, watch his and now part and be amazed
  8. Dude who's that guy in your sig?
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