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  1. I got back into bourbon again after a long hiatus. I missed it.

  2. How'd you know?
  3. what are you drinking
  4. When did you become staff??
  5. Happy birthday amigo.
  6. I'm kinda on hiatus as far as work. i work like 30 hours during the weekend but i hardly consider it work since i don't do shit. im interviewing for overnight snowmaker at the ski hill here. i'll get a free season pass if i get that gig.
  7. About to make some bomb ass fries, then put bacon and maple sausage in the oven to cook. See what else I can put together, I am currently at my sisters place hanging out with my nephew while she's at work.

    You don't work today?
  8. I'm fucked up and it's 3pm here. just got the first snow of the year the other day. what you up to.
  9. The real money is in legalizing and producing hemp, the female plant pales in comparison to what the male plant can generate cash wise.
  10. trumps not against legalization. it's more his dumbass cabinet members that are against it.
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