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  1. Sounds gnarly.
  2. I was messing around trying front shuvs to fakie on this transitioned bank thats really weird because it only has a little bit of actual tranny just at the bottom. so it shoots you out quick when you're coming back down the bank. i actually landed the trick but that tranny at the bottom shot me out and i sat on my arm and it just snapped. it was a freak thing
  3. Heard about that, hope it heals soon. What did you do, if you don't mind me asking
  4. haha I wish I could but I recently broke my wrist. but as soon as I'm back on the board it's on!
  5. Right on. When are you going to work on a video part for us pour souls?
  6. I'm a pretty scrawny dude and the 32's are reasonably slim. definitely not a "skinny" type fit though. they are quite a bit slimmer than the original 874 dickies pants
  7. how slim are the slim straight Dickies? I had a friend say they're skin tight, and that's a no go for me.
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