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  1. thanks mayn
  2. Happy gay birthday m8!
  3. no you're cheering for the jets and thats final lol
  4. I have nothing against either team, I'll be pulling for whoever comes out. Gotta rep the division as shitty as it may be.
  5. nervous lol. we really gotta beat them but they've owned us this year
  6. Jets/Caps game tomorrow is do or die. How you feeling about it?
  7. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Many thanks!
  8. i think last time i failed and wt ended up doin it. lets see if i can redeem myself here
  9. I think it was you I asked for a gif avy last time. I kinda wanna swap to this;

    Had the Cacodemon for bit, time for a change.
  10. yeah i only saw the first have but looked like a good ending. unfortunately fallenskaters homo rangers are still ahead of the jets tho haha

    ill get back to you on the cs tho when i think of something fitting lol
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