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  1. thx m8, let me know if/when you make it to Aus and I'll put you up if you visit my shit city
  2. happy birthday m8 have a Foster's on me
  3. haha shit dude i hope so. she just texted me a "fantasy"
  4. ye. long story. i might have spewed a lot of stuff in my posts that werent entirely true. but. things are well.
  5. no you're gay
  6. do it homez. the story just sounds pretty funny. this happened to me about a month ago when the school paper came in and was shooting people doing specific lifts. the guy they got to do the lifts was wearing jeans and cowboy boots.
  7. haha okay. i have tomorrow off, so i might watch it tonight. what is it, basically, like a vlog or what?
  8. dude if you ever have a night off look it up on youtube and watch entry 1-32 or something. itll take like 2 hours and youll be scared shitless when your done
  9. haha nah
  10. lololol have you heard of marble hornets
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