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  1. I think you'd enjoy this article lol
  2. omg

    Really not surprised tho. tumblr is a strange place
  3. I think you'd get a kick out of this, so I searched 'columbine' on tumblr after the Klebold mother interview on 20:20 with Diane Sawyer, and that tag is basically everything that's wrong and laughable with tumblr in one neat package. Think Columbine shooter fan fictions, 'love' scenarios', totally unironic posts on how 'dreamy' they are etc
  4. Haha he went in, that's for sure
  5. haven't watched a tony fantano vid in a long time but man, this review really makes me want to listen to this

    probably gonna download soon
  6. lol i know nothing about this but am intrigued
  7. What you think of Cudi's new album lol?
    "Judgmental Cunt" is alright but I wouldn't consider it 'good' music in the slightest haha
  8. How resume worthy is the Epigraph poem/photog collection in issue one? I've been putting it on my resume for a while now
  9. purchasing a plane ticket ASAP

  10. You'd love our righteous Prime Minister
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