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  1. im gonna prop u bb
  2. k
  3. Yeah but I was the first one to set the trick. And then I got busy and lost the motivation to continue that exact one.
  4. You matched the front 180 and didn't set.
  5. And no I set a nollie pop shuv. You set a fs180 and I did then it stopped. So you're bs.
  6. I set a nollie shuv and you didn't continue. And I blocked you because you said "bye" so I was guessing you were ghana block me
  7. Yeah I did set a trick, and why would I block you? I'm not a fucking pussy. I also don't neg for butthurt reasons (cough cough neg for neg)
  8. And how the fuck would you know it wasn't gonna be challenging? You didn't even set a trick
  9. You said bye so I was guessing you were gonna block me darfur i blocked you first
  10. Because you blocked me because I don't want to play a game of skate with you..? Pretty childish. It wasn't a challenging game, I'd rather lose a game of skate than win one.
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