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  1. Nope, i really wanted to, I just couldn't find the time as I'm really busy with school and everything. please hit me up earlier the next time you think you're gonna drop by, would really like to meet you for once :D
  2. dobber dan, did you go to the Vladimir thing this year ? still haven't met you there !
  3. fuck its been a while so i really don't remember who i was talking to, but i never even got near that mini ramp haha, im really bad at tranny :/ see you next year bro
  4. psyched you got to get there. yeah i was there for the 3rd year in a row, my friends are behind the fest ; this year i got to exhibit photos on the 1st day, my friend had his own pop-up store too. spent most of the 2nd day skating but still showed up for the festivities. after the 1st night lots of us went to try to skate that crazy steep miniramp, were you amongst the ones who went ? at some point someone I didn't know tried having a conversation with me but place was so loud and everyone was so shitfaced i couldn't get into it, in retrospect i was thinking it could have been you trying to say hi that's why i was asking ! hope you'll come back next year
  5. yup, it was pretty darn good. you were there right? might have seen you but idk haha
  6. kinda fucking late on this, but did you ever end up going ?
  7. don't just think about going, do it ! it's going to be the best year by far. i'll see you there
  8. I was thinking about going, if nothing fucks me over lol.
  9. get some friends together and go to Fažana this year yo ! https://vladimirfilmfestival.wordpre...icial-program/
  10. Yeah I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. That was quite fun to read and I already watched a lot of old Croatian skate vids but Its always good to "revise" :D
    If you come back again you have to hit me up on sbc haha
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