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  1. Sorry for the story, but yeah at least im back
  2. well your a girl first and foremost everyone is whether they say it or not. other than that he is cool to me too and we talk in sbcchat all the time. so I was surprised to when it happened. other than that he really doesn't do nothing bad to anyone. one of the chilliest Mods. as for UMSM I really have no idea what I did to him....he'll say serious stuff about me and ill say a joke abt him and he will get upset. idk.
    As for the arguments ha I do a lot of that. not on purpose but they happen and they feel I, the retard cant be right. so it will go on and on until they feel they get me. so they don't look retarded(which aint the point, they themselves feel they look it so they try harder and harder
  3. ah popwar's always been pretty cool to me, same with umsm, but I guess something was bound to happen because there always seems to be an argument on here that involves you somehow.. really sucks that you got banned, but you're back now so yay! :)
  4. that weirdo popwar rolled his ankle and took it out on little ol me......really the comment I made to the member Urmomskatesmongo after he said something to me. I guess he was on the rag or something because I usually say foolish things but once I was standing up for myself since Mongo insulted me I (jokingly) responded back. Next thing I know I was banned. So really I cant say for certain. Combo of those things I guess. (oh he said he rolled it later on) that's what he gets I guess.
    TL. Dr.
    he is a meanie head
  5. why you banned bro?
  6. its no thing, I don't strive for friends on here. This is nothing new, I was here in 2010 and they gave me shit and I laughed it off which mad them worst. Because I didn't give in to the punishment that they try and force on new members or ppl who don't go with the crowd. I spoke back. Im not here to befriend those who don't want friendship. I don't take it personal or feel left out etc. Its okay, I love me effect on here.
  7. but we're still cool, so you know, you do still have at least one friend on here :)
  8. don't worry about the haterrrsss they just don't like you :)
  9. hahaha yeah I know, it's way small. Cheers(:
  10. You call dat a school..... that's a Lobster if anything.......youll be fine then. A-Okay
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