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  1. yo whats going around?
  2. I know I am answering so late... But yeah, I am going to skate some manual pads today. What r u gonna do?
  3. I dont think so dude... Ive been feeling really sick lately. Hbu?
  4. Are you going to skate today? Just asking.
  5. No problem dude. I saw the price was pretty big. But it's cool.
  6. Thanks man! I would totally rock that! Its just a bit out of my price range
  7. Saw your post on "Clothing Thread". Would you like a bucket hat like this?

    I just searched for a bucket hat from Google and this is what I found. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but it's pretty sick imo. haha

    That's more expensive than that one at Zumiez but just wanted to show it to you.
  8. Faggot, stop tryna make people feel sorry for you. Nobody cares if your perma'd
  9. You're one of those guys that take everything too seriously.
  10. Oh, ok sick!
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