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  1. Oh, its ok, you dont have to. Too much trouble haha. I can just neg him on a post and leave it at that
  2. find a post you want to neg and i can delete it so it shows nothing.
  3. Oh ok, thanks for clarifying!
  4. if it shows nothing that means the post that was negged happened to be deleted.
  5. Yo, how can I neg people without a specific post. Coleman and Vlad did it to me. It just says N/A on where the thread should go, and I wanna do that to Legacy-. So do you thnk you could help me?
  6. thanks for noticing!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Oh ok, I was just wondering, that would be cool tho
  9. I still have to follow the same guideline as every one else, only admin can change those features at will.
  10. Because you are/were a mod, can you chose how much posi you give someone, or how much you neg them?
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