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  1. lets make it 3 days so there are no excuses, if someone misses it they get a letter
  2. alright. you want 2 or 3 day sets/matches?
  3. Okay imma film tomorrow, start a thread and then we'll see if anyone wants to play
    how many days to match this time?
  4. Sure. You can set
  5. Wanna get that game of skate going? we can start anytime now
  6. Sure
  7. Yeah i wouldn't mind but maybe we could find someone else to play, so we'd be like 3 or 4 playing
  8. Ya, sure. If you want we can start over since AW is not playing anymore I think
  9. Yeah pretty much
    i can set or something if you still wanna play i'm skating tomorrow
  10. Your back!!!!!
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