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  1. yeah I'm really sorry though I didn't mean to lead you on/let you down
  2. not a problem bro
  3. sorry man i can;t get the gloves. so i've been bugging my dad to use his paypal bc i didn't feel like finding a credit card and then i got a pair of spring gloves from a friend for free. sorry man, I didn't mean to hang you out to dry.
  4. okay cool i have to set a paypal up but i will pm you later tonight/tomorrow morning. thanks mangggg
  5. thats fine dude. whenever you are ready send me $25 as a gift on paypal since if you do an invoice i lose a couple bucks.
    Slap and Zero Blood can vouch that i wont rip you off


    pm ur address
  6. yeah that sounds good. can you hold onto them for me for about a week though? sorry i am not home right now
  7. well i paid 40 for them new and only used them once so they might as well be mint condition so could you do $25 shipped?
  8. how much for the defcons?
  9. 69 posts... nice
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