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  1. good stuff man, waiting for the upload!
  2. Song should be uploaded soon.Got it mostly done,just fine tuning it.Also got 20min to play in a club where 3 friends were playing.Mixed some songs from other people and played the one i made.People were so stoked.So far i only heard good things about it.After i fine tune it,it will be on
  3. dude check out my thread project 8....Started doing some music.
  4. Pretty cool found the way to my friends house.Went there got high and because it was raining we mostly just chilled at his house and smoked weed and ate some chinese food.Checked out the red light district and then went on my way to germany xD
  5. Hey dude how was Amsterdam?
  6. Shall do :D Enjoy visiting the family
  7. Ah man, I'm going to be visiting family across the country that weekend. So I wouldn't be able to hang out in Amsterdam,sucks. Anyway have fun there man, and tell me what it was like!
  8. Okay cool, I'm not sure if I can make it that weekend. I'll let you know!
  9. I will skate all day,trying to finish my part and i was coming with my parents and they will be just going around town being you know tourists and all.I will go to amsterdam around the 14th or the 15th i will be there for one day only
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