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  1. Well when you first started asking people to stop doing this stuff he wasn't doing it, then right after you told everyone to stop it he posts in the 'picture of yourself' thread asking every one to "stookie bomb" him with pictures he took just for the sake of being photoshopped.

    Maybe you should talk to him yourself and find out, one moment every one is picking on him and he's not ok the next moment he's accepting of it and encourages it.
  2. Oh... Link please.
  3. Just for the record, skillskater is requesting that people photoshop him and make stuff that is pretty much what you've been going around telling people not to do.
  4. Yo why is crailfish a content writer and I am not? Have you ever seen 1 single thing he has produced for this website?
  5. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep reeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!
  6. What will it take to get rep reset? It's been years now and it's a stale feature at this point.
  7. wheres my pink!
  8. No worries, i can do status updates for days, but have changed it back to "User Set" because otherwise i'm not sure if you're able to change it yourself.
  9. but for real appreciate the green name and the pink status =)
  10. you changed popwar pill and myself to include all 3 rooks, but guru is still purple.
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