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  1. yeah dawg the new, revised team handsome. Dylan, Austyn, and Aaron Kyro =^)
  2. lol who is the middle guy in your sig? austin gillette?
  3. oh yeah I saw it last night when it first got posted. Sooooooooooo hyped. Shecks sitting there at the top of el toro...damn. You know he got the bs flip.

    But yeah that quote is from Duffy's opening to his part in Questionable, basically the first time anyone barged this big of rails

    The amount of tricks he gets on it blows me away, it was like 92 when this came out, so yea WAY ahead of his time
  4. dude i fucking swear i know what thats from but I'm drawing a blank of course. ugh, anyway yeah if you haven't watched the plan b trailer 2k14 do so when u get the chance since duffys in there!!! I'm more hyped than i ever have been for this video now lol.
  5. fuk yea Pat Duffy

    not too many people get hyped on the dude anymore because they don't know what a badass he is. I grew up seeing him in his prime (on video lol) so yeah the fact that he's still in the game is just amazing.

    I know he's old and probably a lot more fragile now, but damn I'd like to see him go back to that rail in Questionable, even to do the same tricks practically 20 years later
  6. haha yea that boy cray
  7. word the fuck up
  8. <3 <3 <3
  9. lol cant really disagree with that post so now my turn: lol <3
  10. If you want to, but people will have until the 22nd to match so it sort of gives us an advantage. Up to you though.
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