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  1. Come play this final big bang game of mafia :)
  2. lol didnt think id get a response that quick its good to see you back... sounds like an awesome time though, i always forget how you guts have summer durin opposite times of the year

    but nothins up really, just grindin out the last couple months of school till summer break X]
  3. YO! man too much living to do in the month of January haha, it's Summer, it's Holidays, It's hangovers. Australia day was yesterday and it was so sick, party at a boathouse, swimming all day, drinking all day, playing fooseball and straight up chilllllin although I cut both my feet open on oysters but thats alright. Kinda forgot about this place and today was the first day I've been at home doing nothing so I'm ready to get sucked back in by Sb-c haha WHATS UP BRAH?
  4. last activity: 3 weeks ago

    where u beeen????
  5. hahaha it will always be the dream, enjoy the peaks of seeing deleted posts by members, fucking with avys, sigs, rep comments, banting n00bz and the bad ass coloured name.
  6. lol i hope i cant be even half as corrupt as you
  7. hahah you crazy grey motherfucker
  8. hahaha it's all good, just wanted to make sure it was you and no one else haha
  9. yeah sorry mayn i wanted to scope out those places you said i could but i forgot to log out after, was gonna let you know but ended up bein too lazy i guess lol
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