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  1. Im nit actually sure what is it? I quit league for a bit while i try and actually be a bit productive with my ime lol. not that its working but its been a nice change of pace. Ill probably pick it up again soon tho
  2. What do you think of champion masteries on league?
  3. i was too drunk to play at that point, so i went wandering around outside.
  4. fuck did i not invite you to the game or somethin? im too baked lol i just got in game and noticed you werent there
  5. ya ma we should. my friend from work used to be a professional player and then he quit but hes got 20,000 rp on his account that hes gonna let me buy myself shit with haha
  6. we should play a match of league of legends soon
  7. it's cool im playing some diablo II on the reddit server anyway, i havent been on league in like 3-4 days
  8. ah shit i was just playin one, think im goin for a cruise on the old skateboar dfor a bit though might play after

    fuck i was just talkin bout a skatepark and caught myself typing "ult" instead of "ender" for last trick in a vid. play way too much league
  9. you got time for a league match? I'm gonna grab some brew and smoke while I play
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