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  1. dont say i didnt warn ya
  2. nice try
  3. Iz u mafia?
  4. ha i wish, innocent every damn time
  5. U is mafia
  6. lol im ok as long as its entertaining. actually had nothin to do today and just watched first 2 ep its pretty good
  7. yea, awhile back. Definitely watch it, it's kinda lame, but hey, who cares.
  8. did you ever finihs battlestar gallactica? i never got around to watching but im lookin for a new show to check out right now just wonderin how it was
  9. hey i somehow just noticed your post but its definitely a show that always comes up on the "other shows like lost" discussions on the internet. i've actually been meaning to check it out but always kind of had the same impression that it might be lame too just cause the whole space/nerdy show type thing but fuck it, its on netflix and im gonna watch an ep or too right now. ill report back after a few lol
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