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  1. Damn son, I remember when you used to be pretty against/not a fan of weed. I've been smoking way more than I probably should as a full-time college student lol. Congrats on getting a house with Erica though.

    But yeah, I'm a junior in college now, majoring in journalism and minoring in criminal justice. It feels so weird that I have to enter the actual job force in under 2 years.

    I also still skate kind of, too. I haven't skated in a few months because of school, but over the summer I had a position as a staff reviewer for a pretty big longboard website. I'd get boards sent to me by companies to review for the front page of the site.
  2. Been going a bit better. Got my medical card to smoke herb a few weeks ago, so im enjoying that. Working and finishing up school, bought a house with Erica, which takes up the rest of my time. Fuck man, im 23 now.
  3. Hahah. My mom still brings it up, too. "Have you heard from Latford recently?" and I'm just like, "lolno mom."

    How's it been dude?
  4. Ages. Everyone still brings you up around here. "You still talk to that boy who you went and stayed with", "hows he doing"
  5. Oh shit dude, thanks. It's been awhile.
  6. Happy 21st dude
  7. RAD, happy birthday!
  8. Dudeee i misss you, my phone got crushed by a semi. Ive got the same number, just lost yours :/
  9. olol
  10. Bro, i wanna come down this summer :(

    But i iz poor
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