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  1. Happy birthday you berk!
  2. Yeah, I just tether on to some dudes live stream (perfectly legally) since I cant watch tv so early in the morning at my parents house (Dad's a right struggle)

    Cheers for the deets dawg, we'll discuss shit tomorrow
  3. 8:00pm EST, Boston Bruins vs Chicago Blackhawks. NBC is the channel here, idk how you've streamed them before but same deal I'd imagine.
  4. And by "icy action" I dont mean an Alaskan Pipeline
  5. I started answering you, but got a text then automatically clicked away without realising

    Hook me up with teams, channels and times please me old china - Ive got a day off tomorrow and need some icy action!
  6. Hockey championship finals start tonight mate. Should be a good series.
  7. Haha cheers mate! I love throwing that line in when members swear at me

    Its so fun antagonising that prick, he's SO defensive! Even attempts to help him out are met with a massive barrier lol
  8. Lol our brains must work on the same wavelength, I was gonna say something to Bear Spice about politics and spin doctoring but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he'd be good at something. I'll rattle his cage again after class, already rustled his jimmies good once.

    Jumped up little cunt is gold btw.
  9. Got an exam, so no hockey tonight mate :(
  10. Got another game in half an hour.
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