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  1. i can spin varial kickflips and 360 flips now aswell, learnt them yesterday but the 360 flips land far away from me
  2. ha yeah my bro had that same problem , just jump right forward, like alot and dedicate to it.

    nearly learnt kickflips? sick, once you get those down all the other flip tricks like heelflips will be so much easier, its like you unluck somthing when you can do a flip trick
  3. I've almost got shuvs down again keep landing with only my front foot on the board though, i can almost kickflip now though
  4. nahh couldnt be losing it already, as long as you keep out off the wet floor. ive had days when i could swear my deck had lost loads of pop then a few days later its fine, maybe just an off few days or like not popping it well enough. that sounds like a beasty setup really, nice one! keep skating dude, re learnt shuvs yet?
  5. Yeah, it was my birthday on monday, got a habitat deck, venture trucks, flip hkd bearings, and wheels off, But i'm not sure if its just me or it's losing its pop already but otherwise its good :)
  6. so how you getting on then? got the new stuff you were on about?
  7. I can ollie and i used to be able to shuv it but not now
  8. tbh with you, the board isnt really bad with the shape and all, maybe the pop and weight isnt too good and will be good to replace... but yeah, change the bearings, wheels and trucks for sure. what tricks can you do then? just starting out arent you?
  9. Alright then, thanks

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