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  1. Hey man I took your advice. Tried to even out my weight and nailed an Ollie at the didsbury tram station. The guy that works there tried chasing me away about 30 times in the last month. He just lets me skate there now without bothering me :)
  2. Plus I see you're into filming. I've got a gopro hero 3 we could mess about with.
  3. Thanks man, I really want to meet up with you. Nobody I know skates and I need a friend to skate with. Gets really boring and lonely on your own.
  4. sup dude, you just gotta get the timing right that's all.

    I never learned to ollie stationary went straight into moving by ollieing up a curb onto grass on my nans front, so try that, something small, but if its onto grass you dont get hurt when you hang up.

    Just do it when the dirt is dry tho so you dont fuck your wheels up
  5. What's up man. I've not been on here a while. Been shredding up the streets and practicing my Ollie's. Can't pull a fucker when I'm moving yet, only stationary the board keeps flying forwards when I pop. Any advice?
  6. Hey dude we should meet up some time, I need somebody to ride with and teach me the ways of the Jedi.
  7. Thanks man! Your videos are fucking amazing :)
  8. hey. errr, dont do drugs, never run with scissors, stay in school...


    Just have fun man, don't limit yourself on how you skate, don't let others pressure you into skating a certain way, bomb hills, learn to fall properly i.e. tuck and roll/slide, don't put your arms out, always rest injuries, skate the streets, skate skateparks, stretch out your muscles when your done
  9. Hey man, I'm from didsbury and I'm just starting out. Any tips or advice? Where to and not to skate?
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