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  1. the bigger the opening on the bottom of your pants, the bigger your p33n/<3 is
  2. im going 2 build the world's biggest collection
  3. Yeah but now you can buy tons of the 100 dollar "Crime Scene" with 50' opening
  4. I already do. Money wont change me
  5. Spend it all on JNCO's

    Blowin up your profile space like "woah"
  6. i can taste that sweet, sweet youtube money already
  7. With the right thumbnails and possibly some Marilyn Manson playing in the background you'd have a smash on your hands.

    Or you could become the Barbie stylist, every video give her a haircut. You could give Ken an awesome undercut in honor of the Greek tragedy known as GerkaN
  8. imma make a toy channel but its just gonna be me playing with the same barbie doll every single video while making creepy voices and staring at the camera without moving for large stretches of time
  9. Yeah I got maybe 3-4min in and the way he talks and looks at his son is almost like "god damn you, just sit still and make me money" lol.

    Should do something really stupid like start a youtube channel grading candles and their smells. Just a bunch of shit you actually need 1 of your 5 senses for, thus making the channel/experience pretty m00t
  10. Yeah man soooo much creepiness

    Couldnt even bring myself to click on a schrock video but i probably should to see how bad it is
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