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  1. I'm just waiting to see if more comes from it lol. Later when I'm at my laptop I want to translate it.
  2. lol no, I had no idea this was occurring, I never see other's vistor messages. But that's fucking hilarious hahahaha.
  3. Yo have you been watching this balackobama guy just posting visitor messages in like Malaysian to random other spam accounts? Haven't banned him cause I find it funny but like who makes a spam bot to do that lol
  4. Damn that blows. But thanks. Killed two kitchen boys so far (I think?)
  5. Congrats on being part of the mod sqwad. Guess you took my spot since I got upgraded to admin...well...I'm just a glorified admin until Vivica sorts shit out...same thing that happened to WT happened to me.
  6. Done dawg
  7. if you could, could you change the thread to "night 3"
  8. Got'em.
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